• 27 Apr 2022

    EU cities acting for just transitions and climate adaptation

    Organiser: Covenant of Mayors office

    UIA & the city of Seville are organising a 2-day event to discuss how EU cities can contribute to green and just transitions and showcase concrete experiments to make resilient cities from around the world. It is timely crucial to bring forward practical interventions and results that could inspire and foster locally-based transitions in EU cities.

    On 27-28 April, join us in Seville for valuable discussions, workshops, and inspirational talks on just urban transitions and how to innovate in cities when adapting to climate change. The event will be held in the rehabilitated urban area of Cartuja Qanat and partly live streamed. Cartuja Qanat is also the location of an innovative urban transformation project through which the use of the street is promoted as a social catalyst, improving it and involving the entire ecosystem of the city (public and private agents and citizens) in this transformation.


    In line with the European commitments in the Paris Agreement on Climate and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the European Green Deal set an ambitious objective: making Europe the first climate-neutral bloc in the world by 2050. This objective implies changing the overall structures of the economy, transitioning from a highly pollutant-economy towards a sustainable one, within planetary and social boundaries, building strong links to the European Resilience & Recovery program. Climate change has direct impacts on cities, such as health problems due to heat, or flooding damage to buildings and infrastructure. Many knock-on impacts affect other areas, sectors and people inside and outside the city. Climate change is thus a systemic challenge for cities and their surroundings and affects the market economy as well as its citizens, especially the most vulnerable.

    What to expect?

    The event will give the voice to Mayors and Cities on the importance of city strategies and new solutions for well-adapted and climate-resilient cities, leaving no one behind. It will also be the opportunity to capitalise on the results and knowledge of six UIA projects that address the immediate needs and are equipping themselves with the tools to address climate change consequences through the urban fabric.

    Interested in this event? Find out more about the programme and register here!