• 28 Apr 2022

    Connecting Nature Impact Summit Genk 2022

    Thor Central, Genk
    Organiser: Others

    Access to nature in our cities has never been more important. City residents have turned to nature in huge numbers and being able to access nature locally is a vital resource. Nature and natural environments also offer many services and solutions from improving the health and well-being of citizens to addressing contemporary (urban) problems like flooding, temperature control, and tackling air pollution. How do cities develop inclusive nature-based strategies, that provide multiple benefits for citizens, biodiversity and tackle climate change and importantly, how do you capture the evidence that supports investment in nature?    

    On 28 - 29 April, the Connecting Nature Impact Summit, Genk will bring together a wide range of local, regional and international participants to demonstrate how nature impacts our lives, socially, environmentally, economically and how Nature-based Solutions can provide a positive impact for urban environments and protect biodiversity.

    This hybrid event and the final summit in the Connecting Nature Summit series will include both online and in-person presentations, workshops, round table discussions, site visits, exhibitions and performances, all in a creative and festive atmosphere at Thor Park in Genk.

    The event's programme is based on three main building blocks of the Connecting Nature Framework: 

    1. Thinking with nature

    2. Building with nature

    3. Living with nature


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    The Connecting Nature Impact Summit, Genk wraps up five years of research and innovation from the H2020 funded Connecting Nature project, a 30+ partner project which resulted in the implementation of large scale Nature-based Solutions in 10 European cities and established a global capacity building programme “Urban by Nature”. The summit will present innovative results and experiences that are transferable to policymakers, planners, designers, businesses, entrepreneurs and communities across the globe. We look forward to sharing the stage with other inspiring projects experiences.