• 25 Nov 2020
    09:00 - 12:00

    UNaLab webinar #3 - Co-creation tools and methods

    Organiser: Others

    9am-12pm CET

    In this session, you will be able to take part of a co-creative tool - UNaLab's Open Nature Innovation Arena (ONIA). UNaLab will use a scenario workshop method to guide you through the tool. This webinar will be highly interactive and the participants will be divided into three breakout sessions representing Eindhoven, Genova and Tampere. In these breakout sessions, you will explore local challenges and possible nature-based solutions using ONIA. As part of the experiences on co-creation, you will also be introduced to the UNaLab co-creation toolkit, which can help you find suitable tools for your co-creation sessions.

    >> More info & registration on the UNaLab project website