• 16 Jul 2018

    EMPOWERING Project Workshop: Design mitigation actions for SECAP – Part I: Integrated energy - Buildings

    Sala Verde, Palazzo Leopardi - via Tiziano, 44 - Ancona
    Organiser: Others

    The EU Horizon 2020 EMPOWERING project is organising in the Italian Covenant city Ancona on 16 July from 9 - 12 am the workshop "Integrated energy - Buildings", which touches upon how Covenant signatories can use energy measures such as:

    - post-earthquake reconstruction in energy class A – Capacity building for external technicians and municipal technicians;
    - reduce energy use in buildings through envelope building retrofitting;
    - reduce energy use in buildings through technological systems for heating;
    - analysis of the carbon footprint in the tourism sector
    - the mitigation actions of a joint SECAP

    as powerful tools within their action plans (SECAP). The aim of the workshop is to inspire and give ideas on targets and related actions for SECAPs with a special focus on Marche Region framework.

    Agenda (in Italian)
    More information: http://www.empowering-project.eu/en/news/