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12 cities and 2 Provinces selected for the Covenant of Mayors Twinning Programme
12 cities and 2 Provinces selected for the Covenant of Mayors Twinning Programme
8 enero 2018 - 16:17

The results of the call of the Covenant of Mayors twinning programme have been unveiled. Amongst more than 100 applications received, 12 municipalities and 2 provinces have been selected. A total of seven peer-to-peer exchanges will be organised and funded by the programme.


·         Leeds (UK) with Breda (Netherlands)

·         Zadar (Croatia) with Udine (Italy)

·         Albertslund (Denmark) with Ljungby (Sweden)

·         Lecce (Italy) with Serres (Greece)

·         Ghent (Belgium) with Vaasa (Finland)

·         Formigine (Italy) with Marousi (Greece)


·         Province of Granada (Spain) with Province of Potenza (Italy)

The six twinnings between cities will focus on mitigation and adaptation issues, such as energy efficiency projects, cost-effective waste management system and biogas production, heat supply, green procurement, electric mobility, but also flood prevention and riverbeds conservation, land use, water management, agriculture and climate planning, while the exchanges for provinces will also touch upon best strategies on how to support Covenant of Mayors signatories.  

Applicants have been matched together according to their interests in sectors/areas of intervention, socio-economic and institutional context, territorial similarities and the stage of advancement regarding mitigation and adaptation issues.

The twinning visits will take place from January 2018 and will include a first visit to be organised before June 2018 and a return visit taking place no later than one year after the first visit.

A new call of the twinning programme will be launched next summer (2018). Stay tuned for more information about the programme in the coming months!

  • For more information, please contact Covenant Officer Pier Paolo Saraceno at
  • See the Covenant signatories' profiles here

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