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Se define como promotores del pacto a las organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro (asociaciones de autoridades locales y regionales, redes, agencias temáticas...) con capacidad para promover el Pacto de los Alcaldes y movilizar y dar respaldo a sus socios o a las autoridades locales para la consecución de los objetivos del Pacto de los Alcaldes.

Actúan en sus territorios y áreas de pericia (por ejemplo, energía, medio ambiente, agua, aire) y a distintos niveles de gobierno (como europeo, nacional y regional o local) para promover la iniciativa Pacto de los Alcaldes y dar apoyo a los compromisos de sus firmantes. Los Promotores del Pacto, con conocimientos expertos de los marcos regulador, legislativo y económico bajo los cuales operan, ya sea a los niveles nacional, regional/local o europeo, se encuentran en una posición ideal para proporcionar consejo personalizado a los firmantes e identificar las sinergias con las iniciativas ya existentes.

FEDARENE - European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment


President:Julije Domac
País: Belgium


Main contact: Dominique Bourges
Posición: Coordinator
Correo Electrónico:
Tel: +32/2.646.82.10


FEDARENE is the premier European network of regional and local organisations which implement, co-ordinate and facilitate energy and environment policies. Regional and local agencies, ministries and departments working in these fields, are represented in FEDARENE. As a Supporting Structure, FEDARENE will promote the adhesion to the Covenant among its members, encourage and facilitate the exchange of experience on its implementation.


Category: Methods and tools
Description: Did you know that organic matter contained in EU municipal wastewater accounts for the energy equivalent of twelve large power stations? The power of wastewater currently remains vastly underestimated. By implementing new concepts for sewage treatment using existing technologies (e.g. sludge digestion and biogas valorisation), the EU-funded POWERSTEP project aims to go beyond current ambitions of marginal improvements of energy efficiency in wastewater treatment. Based upon six full-scale investigations of individual processes and design elements, POWERSTEP aims at demonstrating that wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) can become viable, net energy producers without compromising the water treatment quality and cost. In 2017, the POWERSTEP partners will offer free energy audits to 10 European municipalities. Selected applicants will benefit from Veolia energy audit software OCEAN and will get detailed information on their WWTP energy profile. They will also receive a full audit report with recommendations tailored specifically to the WWTP of the municipality, which will indicate steps to improve its energy balance and mitigate associated greenhouse gas emissions using technologies demonstrated in the POWERSTEP project. It will be ensured that at all times, all data will remain fully confidential within the project team. The roles, duties and confidentiality will be clearly defined in a cooperation agreement.
Signatories involved: B.&S.U. Beratungs- und Service-Gesellschaft Umwelt mbH


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