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Se define como promotores del pacto a las organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro (asociaciones de autoridades locales y regionales, redes, agencias temáticas...) con capacidad para promover el Pacto de los Alcaldes y movilizar y dar respaldo a sus socios o a las autoridades locales para la consecución de los objetivos del Pacto de los Alcaldes.

Actúan en sus territorios y áreas de pericia (por ejemplo, energía, medio ambiente, agua, aire) y a distintos niveles de gobierno (como europeo, nacional y regional o local) para promover la iniciativa Pacto de los Alcaldes y dar apoyo a los compromisos de sus firmantes. Los Promotores del Pacto, con conocimientos expertos de los marcos regulador, legislativo y económico bajo los cuales operan, ya sea a los niveles nacional, regional/local o europeo, se encuentran en una posición ideal para proporcionar consejo personalizado a los firmantes e identificar las sinergias con las iniciativas ya existentes.



President:Nikos Sarantis
País: Greece


Main contact: Rena Papadimitriou
Posición: administrative staff


The Regional Union of Municipalities of Attica (P.E.D.A.) is a union of 66 municipalities within the boundaries of the Attica region and the islands of the Argo-Saronic Gulf. 

The three major axes of activities of PEDA are:

  • Representation of all municipalities of Attica towards the Government, the other bodies of Central Administration (Ministries, Organizations) and the Region of Attica,
  • Implementation of initiatives and actions in order to improve the produced work of the municipalities of Attica aiming to upgrade the provided services to their citizens,
  • Offers advices on the general problems of Attica.

As far as the axis of environment is concerned, PEDA is particularly dealing with issues of energy saving, promotion of alternative energy, i.e. what is commonly called sustainable energy policies at local level. 

Nowadays, more than 25 municipalities of Attica are members of the CoM. PEDA is working towards this direction in order to help them to fulfill their obligations arising from their status as members of the CoM. 


SEAP actions implemented by Ilion municipality
Category: Other
Description: In 2014, Ilion municipality (Attica, Greece) is implementing an Energy Efficient Street Lighting (EESL) project and is replacing 260 existing 125W high pressure Mercury street luminaires with new 60W LED ones. The annual primary energy saving potential is estimated at 235 MWh, the annual CO2 abatement at 93.0 tCO2 and the total cost of the project at 175,890 euro. Except the use of low energy bulbs for the reduction of light pollution, an energy study that records the existing street lighting in the municipality and categorizes roads according to their use towards defining the appropriate lighting level is currently under development. In addition, by 2015, the municipality plans to implement a green roof project on the roof top of a municipal nursery school, built in 1995. The project concerns the construction of a semi-intensive green roof type on the ground floor of the building and an extensive type on the first floor, with new roof thermal insulation. Green roof will cover an area of 480m2, using native plant species from the Mediterranean flora which are hardy, drought and sun tolerant, have non-woody roots and require little maintenance. The total cost of the project is estimated at 124,051 euro. Ilion was technically assisted by the Green-Twinning project and Armilla municipality (Granada, Spain). In the framework of the Green-Twinning project, coordinated by PEDA, Ilion and Armilla signed a twinning agreement in order to exchange experience and best practices related to the implementation of sustainable energy actions and specifically of energy efficient street lighting.

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