Illustration Promotores del Pacto

Se define como promotores del pacto a las organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro (asociaciones de autoridades locales y regionales, redes, agencias temáticas...) con capacidad para promover el Pacto de los Alcaldes y movilizar y dar respaldo a sus socios o a las autoridades locales para la consecución de los objetivos del Pacto de los Alcaldes.

Actúan en sus territorios y áreas de pericia (por ejemplo, energía, medio ambiente, agua, aire) y a distintos niveles de gobierno (como europeo, nacional y regional o local) para promover la iniciativa Pacto de los Alcaldes y dar apoyo a los compromisos de sus firmantes. Los Promotores del Pacto, con conocimientos expertos de los marcos regulador, legislativo y económico bajo los cuales operan, ya sea a los niveles nacional, regional/local o europeo, se encuentran en una posición ideal para proporcionar consejo personalizado a los firmantes e identificar las sinergias con las iniciativas ya existentes.

Energy Cities


Mayor of Heidelberg - President of Energy Cities:Eckart Würzner
País: France


Main contact: Jean-Pierre Vallar
Posición: General Secretary
Correo Electrónico:
Tel: +33 381 653 685


Energy Cities' main objective is to support European local authorities, in particular its members as they join the Covenant. To assist them in their local measures aimed at a minimum 20% reduction in CO2 emissions on their territory by 2020, the European network: - Publishes its members’ initiatives and action plans as a source of inspiration for other cities, - Encourages the exchange of experience and expertise between member signatories, - Informs about available tools aimed at preparing and implementing sustainable energy action plans, - Relays the expectations of the signatories to the European institutions via a Covenant of Mayors task force created within the Energy Cities Board, - Informs its members about developments in the EU energy and climate policy.

Signatories Supported

Signatories Población Adhesión Status
Gent, BE247,00010 feb 2009Planes de acción presentados
Genève, CH191,360 4 abr 2010Planes de acción presentados
Frankfurt am Main, DE670,00011 dic 2008Monitoring started
Heidelberg, DE144,94829 jul 2008Planes de acción presentados
München, DE1,464,96210 feb 2009Monitoring started
Ordis, ES37228 ene 2010Planes de acción presentados
Pamplona, ES198,000 2 feb 2009Planes de acción presentados
Helsinki, FI628,208 7 ene 2009Monitoring started
AMIENS métropole, FR177,34516 dic 2009Adhesión
Besançon, FR116,10010 feb 2009Planes de acción presentados
Brest Métropole, FR215,64711 dic 2009Monitoring started
Castelnau-Le-Lez, FR16,000 9 ago 2009Planes de acción presentados
Chambéry métropole, FR125,000 4 jun 2009Planes de acción presentados
Clermont-Ferrand, FR139,00626 feb 2009Planes de acción presentados
Communauté urbaine de STRASBOURG, FR474,00014 dic 2009Planes de acción presentados
Echirolles, FR35,03724 mar 2009Monitoring started
GRAND DOLE, FR54,00015 ene 2009Adhesión
Grenoble, FR162,80017 nov 2008Planes de acción presentados
GRENOBLE-ALPES-METROPOLE (La métro), FR450,00017 oct 2008Monitoring started
L'Haÿ-les-Roses, FR29,67110 dic 2009Planes de acción presentados
Mulhouse Alsace Agglomération, FR252,00018 dic 2008Planes de acción presentados
Mundolsheim, FR5,04510 may 2010Adhesión
NANTES METROPOLE, FR600,00017 oct 2008Monitoring started
Paris, FR2,265,88616 dic 2008Monitoring started
QUIMPER COMMUNAUTE, FR90,28319 mar 2010Planes de acción presentados
Rennes, FR206,655 8 dic 2008Adhesión
Rennes Métropole, FR403,95018 dic 2008Planes de acción presentados
Sénart, FR99,594 5 feb 2009Planes de acción presentados
Sète, FR43,000 9 dic 2009Planes de acción presentados
Strasbourg, FR273,00014 dic 2009Adhesión
Toulouse, FR439,55317 dic 2010Planes de acción presentados
Milton Keynes, GB241,50024 nov 2009Monitoring started
Newcastle upon Tyne, GB284,30015 ene 2008Monitoring started
Ptolemaida Eordea, GR32,142 4 sep 2008Planes de acción presentados
Koprivnica, HR30,87229 jul 2010Monitoring started
Rijeka, HR144,04310 feb 2009Monitoring started
Zagreb, HR790,01730 oct 2008Monitoring started
Cork County, IE361,76614 mar 2011Planes de acción presentados
Mercogliano, IT12,51824 may 2010Adhesión
Potenza, IT69,060 9 feb 2011Planes de acción presentados
Riga, LV650,64030 sep 2008Planes de acción presentados
Heerlen, NL89,38527 oct 2008Planes de acción presentados
Zoetermeer, NL121,580 2 mar 2009Planes de acción presentados
Porto, PT238,954 4 nov 2008Monitoring started
Aiud, RO28,93428 ago 2008Monitoring started
Slobozia, RO51,77811 ago 2008Planes de acción presentados
Isle of Öland, SE24,64011 ene 2011Planes de acción presentados
Malmö, SE320,00017 nov 2008Monitoring started
Örebro, SE140,00022 abr 2008Planes de acción presentados
Nilüfer, TR350,000 2 jul 2014Planes de acción presentados


BELIEF – Local Intelligent Energy Forums
Category: Awareness raising
Description: The successful implementation of sustainable energy policies requires not only the firm commitment from the side of local authorities, but also the involvement of citizens and local stakeholders. Local Intelligent Energy Forums are designed to contribute to meet this challenge. Based on the concept of energy citizenship, Local Intelligent Energy Forums represent a visionary approach that brings the local governance to a whole new level. The ultimate objective of this unique initiative is the creation of Sustainable Energy Communities, where both local authorities and citizens work together to bring about a desirable energy future of their municipality. Local Intelligent Energy Forums turned out to be a perfect solution to shortcomings of conventional approaches. With the lack of a real citizens’ participation, it is often difficult to implement the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) of a given municipality, no matter how well-prepared it would be. For this reason, a more concerted and co-ordinated approach is necessary. Apart from conceiving the energy policy through the exchange of thoughts between particular actors, Local Intelligent Energy Forums allow to involve the citizens and local stakeholders in a further implementation of the SEAP. The experience of 20 local authorities from 11 European countries demonstrates that such an approach is much more effective than traditional solutions. Rather than implement a set of dispersed actions, particular cities involved in the BELIEF (Building in Europe Local Intelligent Energy Forums) project decided to rely on a more co-ordinated local energy policy.


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