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Los Coordinadores del Pacto son autoridades públicas en posición idónea para proporcionar orientación estratégica, apoyo técnico y económico a los firmantes del Pacto de los Alcaldes y a los municipios que lo firman.

Además de ayuda económica, los Coordinadores del Pacto suelen respaldar a los firmantes a la hora de elaborar un inventario de emisiones de CO2 y una evaluación de los riesgos climáticos, así como en la preparación y ejecución de sus Planes de Acción para el Clima y la Energía Sostenible.

  • Los Coordinadores Territoriales del Pacto son autoridades descentralizadas, tales como regiones, provincias o agrupaciones de autoridades locales,
  • Los Coordinadores Nacionales del Pacto son organismos públicos a nivel nacional, como ministerios o agencias nacionales de energía.

La Comisión Europea los reconoce como aliados importantes a la hora de apoyar a los firmantes del Pacto de los Alcaldes en el cumplimiento de sus compromisos y el aumento del impacto del Pacto.

Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES)


País: Greece


Main contact: Evi Tzanakaki
Posición: Project Manager
Correo Electrónico:
Tel: +30 210 6603256

Support provided to signatories

    Promote adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors
    • Dissemination of Covenant promotion materials (brochure, thematic leaflets, etc.)
    • Leverage of own communication tools (e.g. newsletter, website, mailing lists, etc.)
    • Organisation of events
    Provide financing to Covenant Signatories for the development of their BEI/SEAP and implementation of the SEAP
    • Direct financial support: Source (choose between: EU funding, national funding, own budget, private funding, other: please specify)
      > EU funding
    Provide technical support for the development of the BEI/SEAP and implementation of the SEAP
    • Political and/or technical working group(s) set up
    • Development or adaptation of technical guidelines
    Facilitate exchange of experience between existing and potential Covenant Signatories
    • Creation of experience-sharing opportunities between signatories (e.g. Extranet, discussion forum, blogs, etc.)
    • Inclusion of the Covenant in the agenda of its working groups, committees or other relevant fora
    • Support to peer-review and mentoring by experienced signatories
    Defend the interests of the Covenant in order to facilitate the adhesion to the initiative and the implementation of its requirements
    • Cooperation with the media
    • Organisation of meetings with key stakeholders (e.g. national government representatives, private or banking sector)
    • Actions to raise the political profile of the Covenant of Mayors
    Días locales de la energía
    • Support to signatories for the organisation of their Local Energy Days


    CoM Coordinators and Supporters join to strengthen local capacity in Greece
    Category: Other
    Description: The National Working Group of Supporting Structures, established through the IEE Energy for Mayors Project, held its 1st meeting in Athens on 28/12/ 2012, hosted by the Union of Greek Regions and organized by the National Coordinator, CRES. Two Coordinators and four Supporters joined other potential Supporting Structures to record the challenges faced by municipal and regional authorities in meeting the CoM commitments and to discuss strategies to enhance the support provided. The 98 CoM Signatories lack in human and financial resources, mostly due to the economic crisis, but have not given up their belief that sustainable energy action has the potential to upgrade local society, economy, environment and quality of life.  More best practice examples, more information on alternative financing instruments, more coordinated joint efforts towards policy makers are required 
    Signatories involved: Amyndeo


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